A Coffee with Anastasiya Petryshak

“It is not only a brand, there is a heart behind.”
Young, beautiful and talented, the violinist Anastasiya Petryshak, wearing the Vera Fluo Dress, tells us about herself over a cup of coffee.

For you, art is…? Beauty is…?

Art is something that has the power to change people by going deeply in the soul of the person. Something that touches you, gives “food” to your mind and pushes you to think and to feel…
In particular, music is a universal language, that may enrich anybody! I live my life in a way that everything I do can be art. To be a good violinist is not enough; what matters is to be complete, an artist at 360 degrees.

Through art I constantly live in contact with beauty.
Beauty for me is first and foremost internal, which is spread to the outside. The true beauty is a special energy coming from inside when we find our internal equilibrium: mindset, spirituality, physique… Beauty is when everything is in harmony!

All our emotions, thoughts, values, principles, have a strong impact on our physique. We express our feelings, even unconsciously, on our face. And only regularly feeling positive emotions over the years will make us becoming beautiful.

That’s why it is so important to select our thoughts and keep our soul clean, in order to give the space only to the “vero io”

What’s the thing you like the most in Italy?

For me the best thing in Italy is the history and the art that you can find for free in every corner. I believe that there is always valuable spirit remaining from the past generations in the air. And in Italy we can clearly breathe this energy.

How is to be a talented woman so young but with so much experience?

Thank you to see me this way… It is wonderful and I work hard for it every day! Of course, like all the beautiful things, it has a price to pay. It is not so easy, because you have to fight for your position and to prove much more.

It is important to be well surrounded, and I feel lucky and grateful to have in my life an amazing family who supports me.

What are your dreams for the future?

I have so many dreams and I will keep on adding dreams all my life long! It is fundamental for me to continue researching, trying to come closer to perfection, studying, improving, playing in order to help the world for the better with my art. That is my dream! To keep on, every day, with my passion.

Describe us your style

I think the style is much more than simply visible things. It has also some mysterious elements that we cannot describe: “personality”, “values”, “character”. Something that makes us being different one from the other. It is something interior, true and eternal. Something so strong that remains even if you change your clothes.

In music like in fashion I like purity, honesty, quality, light, personality, elegance, equilibrium, freedom… I like simple things but very special and original.

I think we should always have one element that is not “said” or “shown”, there should be this little “secret” element that attracts the attention and adds charm.

You never get out of home without… Pick 3!

Violin, smile and phone!

How did you discover Veraroad?

I discovered Veraroad spontaneously via Instagram. That’s the beauty of social media. And I got interested in the message broadcast, which I feel close to me. I discovered the products that I really like, the high quality, originality, simplicity, elegance, uniqueness, freedom… I really like the philosophy. It is not only a brand, there is a heart behind.

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