Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood, Water
Elements is inspired by the Feng Shui philosophy,
an art which seeks to express the inner essence of the individual by evoking deep symbolic resonances
and potent states of mind attuned to the power of the natural elements.
The forces of Nature

follow each other through the seasons in harmonic combinations operating throughout life from the instant of birth onwards.
The month in which we are born endows us with the force of its peculiar element but, in that each person is unique, every element will be more or less in evidence according to his or her individual personality.
Just as in Nature a dominating element can result in discord, so can the same occur in human life.

An element and a colour

can be chosen therefore because they indicate the energy of which we have need, the point towards which we tend in order to recreate a balance at that moment.
Wearing the right combination of element and colour reintroduces harmony and balance, reflects our true nature and reveals all the strength of our personal energy.

The Gift of Metal

“I accept with serenity the cycles of life and open up to the joy of living. I know how to listen to my inner voice, I know how to act with energy and vitality. I regenerate myself.”

The Gift of Water.

“I am courageous and have faith in life, I am ‘here and now’, my mind is free, I trust in my inner knowledge. I have the strength to carry out my intentions.”

The Gift of Wood

“Possessing the necessary talents I can renew my creative resources . I grow in health and equilibrium. I focus my attention on the practical realization of my ideas.”

The Gift of Fire

“I can direct and control my mind. I am decided in my thoughts and acts, I am prepared and master of myself.”

The Gift of Earth

“I allow the process of life to blossom gently, I appreciate myself and I have confidence in my abilities.”

Veraroad symbolizes the new beginning of an adventure

Caterina Giraldi

The founder and creator of the brand comes from a long experience in the clothing industry. She started “breathing wool” from a very young age, learning to recognize quality fabrics thanks to her father, a wool merchant, and quickly entered the fashion world. She has been the exclusive agent for the Clarks brand since 2009 and has worked for 18 years with retailers in Ireland, United States and England..

After 35 years in the export industry, for the first time Caterina Giraldi creates her own brand. Strongly inspired by nature and its traditions (English and Italian) her dream is to offer something unique and exclusive. Her English roots manifest in the “bon ton” taste of the garments and in its prints. The Italian side (or rather, Prato) emerges in the creative and organizational part of her business.

Caterina is capable with her inner serenity and philosophy to inspire people with her creations, expressing love for oneself and for life, respect for nature . Veraroad represents the starting point of a great adventure. In the last 10 years Caterina has followed many courses of personal and spiritual growth which helped her find , inside this project, a mindful business component.

Veraroad’s ambition is to become a lifestyle brand.

Made in Tuscany, with love

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