Inspired by a romantic, strong, charismatic woman, who at last has found the love for herself.
She follows the need of finding free spaces away, in both her mind and in beautiful nature; away from the noisy chaotic rhythm of life.
Feel the Serendipity.
Veraroad has a strong personality, which combines tradition and innovation.

Its philosophy is based on purity, on respect for its origins and its individuality and is synthetized on its logo #IAMVERA.

This collection is feminine, elegant, comfortable and countrychic.

Fabrics of the highest quality, pure cotton and pure silk, with colours and prints that recall the love of nature.

We are all connected to the Oceans.

Most of the prints and fabrics are from Liberty Fabrics but starting for this collection we introduced a new Veraroad print, created with the help of a young artist, inspired by the love for the oceans, Kiss the Ocean.

Kiss the Ocean is a poem dedicated to our oceans, they are among the greatest allies that mankind has for its survival.

We are all connected to the Oceans.

That’s why we has started a collaboration with Worldrise Onlus, that conserves and safeguards the marine environment, and we will devolve part of Kiss the Ocean profits to Mariasole Bianco’s organization.

Caterina Giraldi

The founder and creator of the brand comes from a long experience in the clothing industry. She started “breathing wool” from a very young age, learning to recognize quality fabrics thanks to her father, a wool merchant, and quickly entered the fashion world. She has been the exclusive agent for the Clarks brand since 2009 and has worked for 18 years with retailers in Ireland, United States and England..

After 35 years in the export industry, for the first time Caterina Giraldi creates her own brand. Strongly inspired by nature and its traditions (English and Italian) her dream is to offer something unique and exclusive. Her English roots manifest in the “bon ton” taste of the garments and in its prints. The Italian side (or rather, Prato) emerges in the creative and organizational part of her business.

Caterina is capable with her inner serenity and philosophy to inspire people with her creations, expressing love for oneself and for life, respect for nature . Veraroad represents the starting point of a great adventure. In the last 10 years Caterina has followed many courses of personal and spiritual growth which helped her find , inside this project, a mindful business component.

Veraroad’s ambition is to become a lifestyle brand.

Made in Tuscany, with love