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The woman who wears Veraroad likes a simple quality lifestyle
with strong values, deep roots and wings to fly high…
surfing with awareness between highs and lows, between seasons of the
year and of life, between changes.
Whatever happens, we love, we hug and we praise ourselves.
Those who wear Vera Road always follow their heart.
Veraroad is a story of heritage and traditions that
influence our present, it tell us how creativity
can only be born from strong experiences and deep feelings.
It is a story of two cultures, English and Italian,
mixed in a blend of colour and blooming flowers.
The values of Vera Road are love and passion for cosmic timeless counting the infinte stars.
Taking care of one’s family, with gratitude for the past, whichever it may have been:
it has taught us to live by our choices.
Vera Road is our desire to recognise ourselves
and our well being..

Vera Road registred Trademark

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Viale Europa 101, 50126 Firenze, Italy

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