The last Veraroad collection speaks about life perceived as a journey, a theme that turns out to be very pertinent to the time we are living. This means not so much that wanting to know, wanting to understand or arriving at your destination is the most important, as is knowing how to enjoy the journey itself and feel the continuous wonder and emotion in walking your own path.

We can find all we want, but abandoning ourselves to imagination and creativity is our real strength, going beyond our rational living. Only in this way can we undertake the wonderful journey within ourselves: that is where we must go.

It is from the highest peaks, from observing, that we can understand the real journey that each one of us is called to make.

On the journey we will be accompanied by our vintage postcards, with images drawn by an English artist that reproduce exclusive and dreamy moments, and by our lotus flowers that remind us of the hardships and difficulties we must go through to find beauty, purity and peace.

Flowers are kindness and beauty, essential luggage for each journey, and we will find them in the timeless prints of Liberty London, the love and heritage of our founder Caterina and one of the distinctive features of our ranges, created and dedicated to all women.

Wherever we are and wherever we go, let’s take care of ourselves and love each other.
We love nature, it hosts us. Let the journey begin!


Our ranges embrace the values ​​of sustainability and responsible consumption in every aspect: our garments, Made in Italy, guarantee ethics and sustainability vouched by the precious collaboration with local Florentine tailoring workshops. The use of natural fabrics, the exclusivity of the details and the uniqueness of the garments make our timeless creations. Elegance, quality, authenticity are combined with uncompromising wearability: with Veraroad you can enjoy comfort with beauty.

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