Positive Luxury, our careful look at sustainability has been recognized

A “butterfly” flew over Veraroad. We are proud to be part of Positive Luxury, a prestigious platform that promotes sustainability and innovation in the luxury industry.

Veraroad has become part of Positive Luxury, a platform that connects luxury brands and people who want a better future, a sustainable future.

Sustainability means developing, innovating and meeting the needs of the present without compromising those of the future, respecting and preserving the nature to which we are deeply and inextricably linked.

Just like Positive Luxury, Veraroad also wants to inspire and motivate people to make responsible choices about the products they buy. All our fabrics, high quality natural fibers, are rigorously made in Italy, with a local production chain, in the prestige and support of Italian craftsmanship. A continuous search also in the methods for the creation of products with a lesser use of chemical agents and a lower production of pollution and waste.

Positive Luxury recognizes and brings together all the luxury brands engaged in sustainability and environmental protection. The target? Inspire people to buy (and companies to produce) better products that last over time.
The Butterfly is the symbol of trust which identifies the #brandtotrust, the brands to trust in the various luxury sectors and for Veraroad it was an immense honor to receive it.

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Made in Tuscany, with love