The Veraroad Certified Organic Cosmetics Line is created to combine Beauty and Wellness.

Plant extracts properties, enriched with Lisati – LISOSAN®, which have an antioxidant effect, and environment respect during their preparation (the laboratory is powered by solar energy), make these cosmetics Unique.

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The careful research, between fruits and flowers, has created specific phytocomplexes that guarantee a renewed well-being of skin and hair.

The Veraroad Cosmetics are energized with the Flowers of the Angels, thanks to the Vera Essence, which in the language of flowers serves to remove the weight, to create around the Veraroad Woman a luminous aura that attracts Positive Energies.

In our products we use only NON-OXOSSILED SURFACTANTS, detergent bases derived from coconut, delicate on the skin and free from ethoxylation reactions, this to create a natural cosmetic line, in full respect of health and the environment.

Love for Nature, Scientific Research and the Strength of Traditions are intertwined in the Veraroad Cosmetics, creating a connection between past and future



Women's fragrance to make your body precious with a flowery perfume. Delicate and pleasant to smell, the best fragrances for women. Just organic products for the 100 ml perfume: that's why it received the Biological Cosmetic Certificate. An wholesome product, an excellent alternative to fragrances on the market, because it's healthy, delicate and sophisticated. You can always take the lotion with you, in your purse or travel, thanks to the bottle equipped with a dispenser.
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Made in Tuscany, with love