Shiva Flow Yoga + VERABODHI at FOOO

Veraroad is more than a fashion brand, is a way of living based on a concept whose values ​​can be found in the details of each product.

Veraroad is a lifestyle brand that aims to help people rebalancing the self on greener and sustainability-related concepts. Brand founder and creative director Caterina’s philosophy is to live life with a more zen spirit and a more sustainable way for ourselves and for our planet.

We wait for you on Saturday 11 and Tuesday 21 May 2019, at FOOO, in Florence for a yoga class and the presentation of the VERABODHI Collection.

veraroad yoga class firene

The Shiva Flow lesson, curated by Lucia Pratesi, transforms the movement into a harmonic flow accompanied by music.

The Yoga class, for all levels, will end with a final relaxation and will be followed by a vegan haute cuisine dinner by reservation.

Made in Tuscany, with love