Pillow talks with Caterina Giraldi

I felt the need to express my creativity in something that really belonged to me


Caterina Giraldi, founder and creative director of Veraroad, tells us about her desire to create something beyond the simple garment. Veraroad is a lifestyle brand  expressing the greater awareness of its own choices, both in life and in purchases.

What did inspire and guided you in your artistic process?

Considering my age and my path, I tried to put my philosophy of life into my collections, rich in color and energy.

My inspiration comes from the English world, being half English and having lived most of my life in England. I am deeply connected to floral prints as they represent the English tradition, which is an essential part of my personality.

Let’s talk about colors. The choice of those used in your collections, where does it come from?

I am deeply inspired by  the colors of nature, from observing something alive, capable of transmitting joy. In Italy we often tend to wear the same colors : grey, black, white, beige … We are very classic in the way we follow fashion, people are quite  afraid to wear bright colors-I would like to invite people to dare, to find their own color and their own print, the one that best represents and enhances their personality.

You tell me that life must be lived as a work of art, a journey that continues, something that moves fluidly, that changes just like colors, silk and prints. What do you mean?

I mean life should be discovered day by day. Every day is a unique and gives a  different opportunity to grasp and transform into something extraordinary. Every life is like a work of art, every life is different, unique, with its own imprint and content.

How can uniqueness be reconciled with your creations?

Our garments are designed for people who have a strong personality and are not afraid to wear  something eye-catching, different and colorful.

When I think of a piece, a dress, a print, I  do follow my own instinct and taste , without following the actual statements.

Veraroad is not a fashion collection, rather a style collection made of  special items with Limited Edition or even unique pieces.

And I truly believe in maintaining this concept.  Women cannot be dressed the same way , they are different one another and do  like to be different and have the choice to wear something they don’t necessarily find around the corner.

Made in Tuscany, with love