Pillow talks with Caterina Giraldi: Slow Fashion is the New Fashion

Slow fashion is the new fashion: Caterina tells us how Vera Road started  as a slow-fashion brand, which does not intend to focus on speed, quantity and superstructures that somehow bury or overload our wardrobe, instead  emphasizes the quality and uniqueness of each garment, made to last, created with passion and full of experience.

What do you mean “I don’t want to bet on speed”?

Today the big problem we face is that people instead of buying little by investing in quality, are buying a lot and bad quality. Customers require new products and new styles every month, they like to have something new in the wardrobe every week, spending as little as possible. In all this the value of things is lost.
I propose something in contrast, as I believe there is an overload of goods that is burying us and creating problems with sustainability.
Veraroad garments are made to last over time, maintaining their beauty and uniqueness.

One thing about sustainability: a part of your clothes is in silk, have you included knitwear always with the same criteria?

Sustainability is vital to me.
The living planet is one , and unfortunately the situation is very serious.
For an emerging brand to be sustainable implies an exorbitant economic commitment but it is a path we have taken and we are taking forward step by step.
In my collections I am using natural fabrics, 100% certified, which come from a sustainable supply chain, my garments are produced by small companies in Tuscany, so transport problems are limited, not like those who import from China for example.
For urban shipments we use Ecopony, an express courier who makes deliveries by bicycle.

So is it really a Made in Italy?

Yes, it is a made in Italy, more precisely made in Tuscany. The pajamas are tailored 5 km from my place , all other garments are produced 25 km away. This has been my clear choice, both to give value to the Made in Italy and to promote the work of the artisan laboratories which guarantee products at highest level.

Made in Tuscany, with love