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“We act for nature!”, that is Mariasole Bianco’s and her organization’s mission. Mariasole Bianco is the founder and “chief mermaid” of Worldrise ONLUS, an organization created by young people for young people in order to raise awareness, conserve and safeguard the marine environment.

You were only a child when you fell in love with the sea and you like calling yourself an “Ocean lover and caretaker”, what does the sea tell you today?

Today, as in the past, it tells me stories of its wonders, but over the time I have learned to grasp its fragility too. The awareness of its vulnerability led me to explore its problems and, at the same time, to understand how everyone can contribute to its protection.

According to Feng Shui, the philosophy behind the Veraroad ELEMENTS collection, everybody is connected to a natural element, yours is definitely water. Do you think that the “Blue Generation” will save us?

I hope so with all my heart! The oceans are among the greatest allies that mankind has for its survival. They provide us with about half the oxygen we breathe, as well as nourishment and they mitigate the impact of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and excess heat. We are all connected to the sea regardless of the distance that separates us from its coasts or the food we consume. On the other hand, this Blue Giant covers more than two thirds of the surface of our planet. It is our duty to do everything we can to protect it.

In our own small way we can make the difference day by day: can you give us three tips to start living a more eco and ocean friendly life?

There is a single piece of advice that includes them all and that we can decline in various aspects of our life: developing a greater awareness of the impact of our choices. This means reducing our consumption by giving up what we don’t need. But also choose carefully what we consume: recycled or natural materials, sustainable mobility, local products. And last but not least: ACT! Collecting waste on a beach or supporting protection projects such as those carried out by Worldrise ONLUS are small actions that make the difference.

Sustainability is a very special and important value for Veraroad, a #brandtotrust by Positive Luxury. Which garment represents you most?

Definitely long dresses, practical and suitable for every season!


Mariasole wears 100% satin silk blouse Francis with bow.
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