VERA is a recurring name in our family history, in places and in past and present  family members. The brand’s inspiration was born in London and ties in with the founder’s origin and childhood and manifests itself in Vera Road, a pretty street in Fulham, London.

English heritage and country chic  bonds with the Italian creativity to give birth to the original unique VERAROAD brand.

A simple but recognizable elegance.

Trendy, country-chic and not seasonal fashion: VERAROAD creates a clothing collection suitable for all kinds of women for different times of the day and interchangeable in the 24hours.

It stimulates emotions and senses with its vibrant colors, with the softness touch of its fabrics and its sophisticated simple shapes. VERAROAD creates timeless pieces in pure and natural fabrics allowing our skin to breath.

A gesture of love towards ourselves, all people and nature, celebrating beauty, femininity and kindness.

Our pieces are made by artisans in Florence with the highest quality.

Our concept is to feel easy, elegantly comfortable and at home everywhere.

Let’s transit into 2021 together, be an “IAMVERA” WOMAN!

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Made in Tuscany, with love

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