Sometimes it is enough to change perspective to gaze beyond the most obvious truths. We have faced so many choices and we have seen what is really important to us, how precious small things are.

In the new Veraroad collection, “NEW EYES”, there is a return to a simpler and more natural lifestyle, to true values, to the desire of feeling free from stereotypes and constraints, and of feeling authentic and unique.

We find strength and beauty within us, in who we are, in the things we do and in  people  that surround us.

The real discovery  voyage consists not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes” – Marcel Proust.

“NEW EYES” is for a new woman who loves to feel beautiful and comfortable, who finds solutions and changes her destiny in her favor. A woman who lives, tries, chooses and deserves the best.

The quality of the natural fabrics, pure cotton and pure Liberty of London silk, the use of new green organic fabrics, the elegance, femininity and comfort make these garments unique together with the attention to detail and the high quality of Made in Italy production precisely in Tuscany.

Ethically Seasonless lifestyle

The Veraroad collections embrace the journey values of  responsible consumption in every aspect: Slow Fashion is not a trend, it is a question of ethics and lifestyle.
We have chosen to create styles that can be worn all year round, with high attention to recycling and sustainability. We have chosen to use organic materials and timeless prints, to be mixed within your wardrobe and for every season.
Our garments vary according to the spirit of the time: they are transformable and alive, just like the Veraroad woman.

Veraroad is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

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Made in Tuscany, with love