The contrast of masculine (rocks) and feminine (floral bright prints of clothes) energy demonstrates the duality of the world, where for it to flourish (and consequently every living being in it) a symbiosis of Feminine & Masculine, Dark & Light, Sadness & Happiness energy is needed.

For people of the female sex need the possibility of realizing with full feminine nature, without the need to be physically stronger than men. And men need the opportunity to realize themselves according to their full masculine nature.

Now many women sacrifice their femininity for the sake of survival in essence because masculinity remains the dominant force.

Without the development of the subtle facets of the world (love, harmony, art, music, etc.), femininity will continue to stunt, and we don’t achieve peace.

VeraRoad understands the importance of cultivating and nurturing the feminine for the world to flourish, and it realizes its vision and support through the creation of clothing, passing every feeling through the heart. After all, everything starts with love.



Our ranges embrace the values ​​of sustainability and responsible consumption in every aspect: our garments, Made in Italy, guarantee ethics and sustainability vouched by the precious collaboration with local Florentine tailoring workshops. The use of natural fabrics, the exclusivity of the details and the uniqueness of the garments make our timeless creations. Elegance, quality, authenticity are combined with uncompromising wearability: with Veraroad you can enjoy comfort with beauty.

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Made in Tuscany, with love